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Extend disk space on Proliant server by changing array

Massimo Briante_1
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Extend disk space on Proliant server by changing array

I have a Proliant 350 G3 server with SmartArray 532 and three disks (scsi 146GB) configured as a RAID5 array. On the resulting volume, I have two logical volumes configured in Windows 2000 (C: 4GB and X: 131GB). I want to change my array using 3x300GB disks uninstalling the three old disks. I tryied to install disks, I've configured the new array, mirrored (windows disk management) system partition, removed original disks and restarted the machine. But doesn't it seems recognize the new array as bootable... what I have to do?
Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: Extend disk space on Proliant server by changing array


You need to replace your existing disks one by one. First start by removing 1 disk. Replace it with the new 300GB disk. Let the Array controller rebuild the new disk (The rebuild process is usually automatic). Once done rebuilding (You can check with ACU), remove the second disk and replace with a 300GB disk. Let it rebuild. Once complete, replace the 3rd disk and let it rebuild.

When done with the last rebuild, you should atuomatically have an extra @146GB in your existing array that you can use to create a new logical drive, or expand your D: partition. If you want to expand your D: drive, add the additional space yot the logical disk via ACU. Once it is done, you will need to run diskpart.exe to extend the D: partition. Info found here...

If you need to expand your C: drive, you will need a different utility as diskpart will not allow you to extend your system partition.

Steven Clementi
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