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HORCM - migrating storage between arrays

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HORCM - migrating storage between arrays


I'm in the process of migrating storage between an xp1K and XP12K by presenting the 12K disks to the hosts and mirroring the disks via vxvm.

Our current setup includes a BC using the 1K disks.

I want to move the BC to the 12K disks.

I have created a new HORCM file using only the LUNs from the 12K however, the HORCM config file contains the command device from the 1K as well as the 12K in it.

Commenting out the 1K command device in the config file produces an error and the horcm instance does not start:
22:00:42-6c982-07399- [HORCREAD] execute-test read is done.:/dev/rdsk/c6t50060E800475AE06d0s2
22:00:42-70f5e-07399- setldevdata: 'psftp_000' has invalid DKCID(1).
22:00:42-75658-07399- ERROR:horcm_cfg_create
22:00:42-7a295-07399- [HORCRELOWNLBA] floatable LBA(e02d) is released.ID:0:/dev/rdsk/c6t50060E800475AE06d0s2
22:00:48-6daa7-07398- horcmgr:Failed to connect to HORCM.

If I leave both command devices (the 1K and 12K) in the HORCM config file the horcm instance starts without any problems.

My question is this: Once I remove the 1K disks from the host how will the horcm instance start seeing as it wont be able to reference the 1K command device anymore.