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HP EVA 4100 Firmware Update

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HP EVA 4100 Firmware Update

I'm in process of updating my HP EVA 4100, it have 2 HSV200 Controllers, 3 Disk Enclosure, 33 FC 10K Disks, 8 FATA Disks, and 2 Storage Groups (one for FC, one for FATA). The software version is XCS 6110 (CR0ECAxc3p-6110). Currently this Eva is not used in production; but it will be used in my Contingency Site.


My upgrade plan begins with updating the firmware of the disks and after that i will upgrade the XCS software. The disk firmware upgrade seems easy, I’ve already downloaded the firmware pack and my plan is to update disk by disk.

But updating the XCS seems a complex task. First of all, it will be my first time doing this upgrade.  According to papers, the first step is upgrade to version 6200, then to version 6220, and then to 6240. I will appreciate if you could share any recommendation or notes that could help me to prepare for this process.

My first problem is couldn’t find the XCS6200 software; it’s not listed in the HP software depot website. Could you please share the ftp link to download it?


I was wondering if is possible to upgrade the XCS from 6110 directly to 6220?


And what do you think about my upgrade... Am I missing something?



Thanks to all, have a nice day.

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Re: HP EVA 4100 Firmware Update

The compatibility matrix says you can upgrade XCS6.1xx to 6.2xx.

So do this:

1) install Commandview 9.4(.1) or 10.2

2) upgrade to XCS 6.250

3) upgrade disk firmware

Hope this helps!

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Re: HP EVA 4100 Firmware Update

Yes, currently i have CommandView 9.3...but tonight will be upgraded.


So what you say is that I can jump from 6110 to the latest 6250 without suffering any serious problem?? Since this equipment is deprecated by HP and has no valid warranty... And this is my first time updating EVA, I’m really afraid of seriously damage the EVA during the update process. That’s one of the reasons I was planning the update one version at the time.


Do you know if there are any performance improvement in the since XCS 6110?


Thanks for your input,


Best Regards,

Luis Fernando A.