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HSV110 DILX algorithm

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HSV110 DILX algorithm

Hello all:
Many discussions have preceded this thread concerning the use of DILX to wipe out disks on an EVA. I am in a similar situation and have used both DBAN and DILX on the EVA’s disks. At this point I need to document the procedures that were used. Documenting DBAN is fairly straightforward as I used the DOD 5220.22-M method. DILX is another story. Does anyone know what the write algorithm is for DILX, specifically the version the runs on the EVA? Specs for the older version of DILX that ran on the HSG80 were clearly stated on page 2-37 of the HSG80 troubleshooting guide. Is there a similar document for the HSV controller?
Also, can anyone elaborate on the statistics that are displayed from the EXERCISE_DISK summary output.


Disk 070
Device status: Testing in progress.
Total blocks transferred: 54801392 ---- I assume block size = 512 bytes. Correct?
Total reads issued: 1842814 ---- What is the size for a read or write?
Total writes issued: 320314 ---- “” “” “” “”