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William Smedburg
Occasional Contributor


I have an hp 370ML server with a 3 disk array under raid 5 - I've successfully added a 4th disk and it is now expanding the array - it is at 10% now after several hours and I want to know if I can reboot the server to bring up the OS without any harm to the expansion process. I started this process from booting from the CD so its not being done through Windows Server 2003. Please advise. I can be reached at 407-312-7391.
Honored Contributor

Re: Help!!!!

Hello William,

Its advisable to wait till the expand/extend is complete.

It takes 15mts per Gb for rebuild.

You may want to close this,

Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: Help!!!!


it's been a long time since I've done it on a live server, but you should be able to reboot to boot the OS, and the expansion will keep going in the background. I remember doing it regularly on test servers (rebooting during an expansion or rebuild), it just kept going. You should receive a message during POST (1768 Slot X Drive Array - Resuming Logical Drive Expansion Process).