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How to add new disks to existing disk groups in EVA4000

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Dhananjaya Amarakoon
Regular Advisor

How to add new disks to existing disk groups in EVA4000

Hi Friends

I have EVA4000 (2C1D) and 8 disks (146 .8 GB) on it. We have decided to purchase another 6 (146.8GB) disks and add them to existing disk group. (Considering protection level (single) already configured and actual usable space that we can get).

I am trying to follow following steps to complete this task.Please correct me if I am wrong because I am new to EVA

Step 01

Adding new 6 disks to 9 to 14 slots (These are the free slots that EVA have) in the disk enclosure one by one after activate indicator stop flashing in each disk

After complete step 1 successfully, as in my knowledge if we check in EVA Command view, newly added 6 disks should be display in Ungroup Disks area and Storage system->Hardware->Rack->Disk enclosure->Bay(9 to 14) also

Step 02
Adding disks to existing disk group in following way.
As in my knowledge it is better to add 6 disks to Disk group as a group not a disk by disk.
So what is the best way to group these 6 disks? Through
Storage system->Hardware->Rack->Disk enclosure->Bay (9 to 14)


Storage system->Disk Group->Add disks
(Hope this is the way)

Do I have to specify number of disks per disk group before adding them? Or is that EVA auto detected it after add? If not where should I specify it?

Can you tell me how long will it take to leveling process? what are the factors that affected for it?

I think it should not be present disk space to servers until leveling process completed?

So please help me regarding this. Is there any detail configuration guide for EVA through Command View other than "CV EVA user guide"?

Thanks & Regards
Dhananjaya Amarakoon
Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor

Re: How to add new disks to existing disk groups in EVA4000

Step 1 : OK
Step 2 : Add all the disk at once

Revelling time , difficult to tell, depends on the current usage, but it can take some time (multiple hours)
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: How to add new disks to existing disk groups in EVA4000


You should add the disks through:

Storage System -> Disk Group -> Add Disks

When you select this option you will be prompted for how many disks to add - type in 6, and the disks will start to add to the group.

There's no real way of knowing how long the levelling process will take - although you should expect at least a few hours. You probably won't notice any effect on the presented disks.

The amount of disks space available in the group will increase as the levelling process completes, so you would be best to wait until it's complete before presenting new disks, or extending existing ones.

Hope this helps,


Dhananjaya Amarakoon
Regular Advisor

Re: How to add new disks to existing disk groups in EVA4000

Hi Guys
I added 6 disks to the EVA4000 successfully without problem. I added 6 disks at ones to the disk group and it takes around 5 to 6 hours to finish leveling.

Thanks for your guide