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How to do MSA1000 firmware upgrade?

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How to do MSA1000 firmware upgrade?


I have MSA1000 with MSA Fabric Switch 6. The storage is attached to HP Proliant DL380 G6 directly via fiber. The server has ESXi 5.5 Update 1 installed. I am using this setup for testing purposes.

I'd like to update the MSA1000 firmware, but I am not sure how to do it, and to what firmware version can I update the storage so that it will still support the MSA Fabric Switch 6? Can I do it via the serial cable attached to the controller, and from where can I download the correct firmware version/installation packages?

Controller details:

MSA1000(c) Compaq P56350C9IOB0N1 Software 2.38 Build 122  Hardware 7



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Re: How to do MSA1000 firmware upgrade?

@OlegDidey wrote:

here is a update procedure





The thing is, I don't know to which version I can upgrade my controller:



"The MSA Fabric Switch 6 is only supported on the MSA1000 with firmware version 4.24 (Active/Passive) and only with 2 GB HBAs. It is only supported with one hop cascading to another MSA Fabric Switch 6."




So I should not upgrade my controller above the 4.24 version? I can only find the MSA1000 Support Software CD version 7.67 which has the firmware version 4.48.