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Installing a 2nd Raid Controller

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Installing a 2nd Raid Controller

Hello All,

I have a very basic question.

I need to add diskspace to an old ml570 gen1 server, that is currently using a 5302 SA controller for the internal disk array.

I need to connect an MSA30 shelf, and populate it with 14x U320 72GB 10K drives.

I did this a few years back for another server, and purchased a daughter board for the 5302(using U3 drives in the MSA30)and it worked like a charm.

Based on what I've read the 5302 only supports up to U3, so I am looking at getting a 6402\128 controller to connect to the MSA30.

My question is, I'd like to use both controllers, keeping the 5302 for the internal arrays, and use the 6402 for the external arrays. From everything I've researched, this should work fine, but I've never used (2) RAID controllers in one system before, and I wanted to see if there will be any issues managing\configuring both Cards from the ACU?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Best\Kindest Regards,


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Re: Installing a 2nd Raid Controller

Hi Manfredo,

When you add the second controller (6402) the BIOS automatically make the 6402 the first controller to boot from so after you install the new controller make sure you boot the server to RBSU (Rom Based Setup Utility) by pressing F8 then checnge the controller boot order (not the standard boot order) to the 5302 controller

And when u get to the OS later you might have to load a driver for the 6402 controller whcih can be downloaded from this link

The ACU will see both controller so when you choose the controller you want to configure or work some staff with then ACU automatically reads that controller and give you access to it

Good luck


Amha Kassa