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KZPCC agent event

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KZPCC agent event


I am seeing the below entries in the binary.errlog from time to time.

From the SWCC GUI output, the battery status is GOOD.

There are no other errors logged in the binary.errlog and there are no problems encountered from the system.

Can these entries be ignored or the battery is faliing?


Event validity 1. O/S claims event is valid
Event severity 3. High Priority
Entry type 195. SWCC Event
0. - (minor class)

-------- Event Data ----
Controller # (0 based) 0.
Agent ID x0100 KZPCC
Record Type x01 Agent Event.
Record Qualifier x00

Parameter Code x4340 4, Major Status Change.
0x43, Battery Status Change.

Old Battery State x0002 Fast Charging Battery.
New Battery State x0001 Trickle Charging.