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MDS-600 will not power on

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MDS-600 will not power on

I have a MDS-600 direct attached to a P812 controller on a DL-380P G8 running CentOS.  After a power cut the MDS-600 will not power on and flashes the blue LED's in the front and rear on both drawers of disks.  I have unplugged it and reseated all fans and power supplies, as well as the IO modules.  From the documentation I have read, the blue lights indicate it is in "discovery mode" or thinks a firmware upgrade is taking place.  Any ideas?

Dennis Handly
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Re: MDS 600 will not power on

Have you looked here?

HP StorageWorks 600 Modular Disk System User Guide


When the MDS600 does not power up  (page 28)

Blue is locate mode.  Or an enclosure firmware update is in progress.  Did you already find this?