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MSA 1000 SAN

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MSA 1000 SAN

I have an MSA 1000 SAN, 3.1tb split into 4 LUNS or Arrays. The cluster is HP BL20 Blade server’s windows 20003

I recently discover that we are experiencing volume level land file system corruption (help). User are complaining that they can no-longer access file or folders are missing.

The event logs are telling me to run a CHKDSK on the LUN in question but this could take all week.

Any suggestions?
Any other toolsets I can use for the volume?
John Kufrovich
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Re: MSA 1000 SAN

Can you provide a >show tech_support from the MSA cli.

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Re: MSA 1000 SAN

hi Richie,
With the tech_support output could you also attach a ADU report which will give us more info about the disks. May be we can check if their are any hard read or ECC errors on this disk which can cause volume corruption also could you brief us more on the setup and how it it configured.