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MSA 1000


MSA 1000

we have MSA1000 Controller storage with an expansion chassis. Each one of them contains 14 disks. We can access the first 21 drives (all 14 controller drives and 7 of the expansion chassis).
We need to access the remaining drives i.e. the next 7 drives in expansions chassis.

this 7 drives not to be vissible in ACU.
Richard Tengdin
Trusted Contributor

Re: MSA 1000

Is your MSA30 a Single Bus or Dual Bus unit? If there are two VHDCI connections on the MSA30 I/O module you have a dual-bus unit and will need a 2nd SCSI cable between the MSA1000 and the MSA30.

If there is only one connection then try reseating the EMU on the MSA30.
Valued Contributor

Re: MSA 1000

Hi Biji,

MSA1000 has bot 4 channels, two for the internal disk shelf connected to controllers that the MSA1000 shelf, then its has got a dual port I/O module which can be cascaded to 2 MSA 30.

Now as per richards suggestion you need to verify whether the other MSA has got a dual port SCSI I/O module, if yes then you need to change it to single otherwise you won`t be able to access the 7 drives connecting to the second channel.


Re: MSA 1000

thank you mr.andy and Mr. richard

mr. Andy how do we make it single i/o scsi, do we need to replace any thing or any other way
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA 1000

You need to replace the whole I/O module.
The part number for the single bus one is: 287484-B21

Maybe you can find a used one or find somebody who is willing to trade.