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MSA30 DB Mirroring Across Controllers

Jim Rayhorn
Occasional Contributor

MSA30 DB Mirroring Across Controllers

I have an MSA30 that will be connected to a Windows server. I would like to achieve (ideally) redundancy across array controllers and server HBA's. (We are using the 6402 and 6404 cards.) Also, we will be using RAID 1.

With a single MSA30 DB, can I use two 6402's or two 6404's to mirror across the HBA's to achieve HBA redundancy?

Can you mirror across two MSA30 SB's connected to two 6402's or two 6404's?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.




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Sandy Chen
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA30 DB Mirroring Across Controllers

Hi Jim,

With Smart Array 6402 or 6404 cards, you can only create RAID for disks in the same controller.

So for all your questions, it is not possible to do mirroring with all the scenario you've asked

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