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N4000 will not discover VA7100

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N4000 will not discover VA7100

i'm getting the the following errors:

# ./armdiscover

This could take several minutes ...

Failed to obtain remote database interface to host: localhost

# ./armdsp -i

Error logging in: TIMEOUT EXPIRED

Anyone know how to fix this? The ioscan is showing 2 external disks which i believe represent the two controllers on the array. Thanks

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Re: N4000 will not discover VA7100

Hi Jim,

I assume you changed something. Your error is related to the CommandView SDM software. The several software processes are not able to communicate. Did you upgrade cv? What version is running?
Did you change the IP address of your server?

Please check the following files for wrong IP entries:


Hope this helps!

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Re: N4000 will not discover VA7100

It seems that the armdiscover command is not able to communicate with the Hostagent as it might be failed or not running.

The second error might be because of the the armdiscover failed at the first instance.

Did you try to upgrade the CommandView SDM?

Refer following docs to get rid of the issues.



Darren Etheridge_2
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Re: N4000 will not discover VA7100

I am encountering the same problem with a CLEAN install and a VA7410. My Access.dat file is *.*.*.* and the CommIpAddr.txt is the ip of the machine... Uname is correct for the system as is nslookup... Any ideas?