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NetRAID-1 and Windows 2000

Fred Yarbrough
Occasional Visitor

NetRAID-1 and Windows 2000

Hey guys! We have an HP LH Pro machine that has a NetRAID-1 controller in it. I am trying to set this machine up to be a web server running Windows 2000 with IIS 5.0. I am having one Helluva time getting the proper Windows 2000 drivers for the NetRAID-1 controller. I have found several links in this forum that looked like the answer but they did not work. The following link looked like I had it but this is for the Monitoring software even though it appears to be the proper driver download.


Does anyone out there know if or how to make this work? HP says that there is no support for W2K and the NetRAID-1 card but that it can be done.

Fred Yarbrough
Theo Hill_1
Honored Contributor

Re: NetRAID-1 and Windows 2000

You can try and load the standard netraid driver that is used on all the controllers, and see if that works. That is really your only option.