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NetRAID Assistant Help Required. Re-create RAID 5 array

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NetRAID Assistant Help Required. Re-create RAID 5 array

We lost a server this afternoon and need to get it up and running as soon as possible. Basically, we lost the OS disk and have a separate RAID 5 array for the data drive. To cut a long story short we have rebuilt the OS disks (RAID 1) and just need to bolt the RAID 5 data array back into the server.
The problem is that I am worried that we might lose the critical data on the disks whilst trying to get NetRAID assistant to re-create the array.

We are running (NT4 Server) and NetRAID assistant A02.02.

As we had to clear the existing controller config, how do I re-create the RAID 5 array and retain all the data?

I tested using an 18 gig drive with test data from another server and now NT thinks the disk contains Free Space.

We cannot afford to lose this data! Help please!
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Re: NetRAID Assistant Help Required. Re-create RAID 5 array

It sounds like this is important. Open a call with HP support.
1800 633 3600
Make sure you emphasize how important this data is upfront.

IF you have not already, mirror your OS disks. Take regular backups of your OS and data.

Veritas makes a product called baremetal for OS. There is also ghost.

Good luck.
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Re: NetRAID Assistant Help Required. Re-create RAID 5 array

Firstly the RAID configuration should be saved on both the hard drives and the NVRAM.
Pleace all the drives the new RAID 1 drives and the old RAID 5 drives in the server and restart.
You get a "drive mismatch" message
If you do then carry-on with step 1, if you do not there is a good chance the data could lost but try step 3
Step 1
Enter express tools program (CONTROL M) in the bios.
Then select Configure, and then View/Add/Delete.
You will then be presented with a choice to select the configuration of either the adapter or the hard disk drives. If you select the adapter's NVRAM configuration, the adapter's NVRAM configuration for RAID will be displayed. To save this configuration, hit escape and then select Yes to save the configuration.
If you do not get this option the server either still has your configuration or it is lost.
Step 2 RAID 5 can re-configured in the option as well.
If you can rememeber all the setting like cache size and strope size etc. it can be re-entered and the drives with work.
Step 3:[If you do not initialize the new configuration it will not be written to the hard drives. ]
IE: try a configuration and let the server start if it does not see the drives try another configuration. Do not initialise untill you are happy with the config.