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New raid controller - no netware partitions

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

New raid controller - no netware partitions

Hi All

Proliant 1600
Bios uptodate.
Netware 4.11 and SP9a

Have a Proliant 1600 with 5 x 9GB and a 2SL controller
Need to install another 9GB drive.

Installed 3200 controller with the new drive.
Expanded the array and created a new logical drive.

Restarted server.
Two logical drives found message on boot up.
Loaded Netware but no volumes seen. Loaded installed and no netware partitions available. As you can see the rebuild of the raid was successful otherwise I wouldn't see C:\ and load partial NetWare.

Installed back the old 2SL card and server booted normally. Ran install, created netware partiton on second logical drive and added this space to exisitng volumes.

Anyone know why I cant see the netware partitons with the new controller?

Maybe I should have flashed the 3200 with the latest firmware, although in the heat of the moment I needed it up fast.