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P400i array failure recovery

Trev Hemsley
New Member

P400i array failure recovery

We had a catastrophic RAID 5 failure here yesterday and I'm hoping that there is some way to recover. The system has 4 x 72GB DH072ABAA6 SAS drives on a P400i controller with 256MB. The drive in slot 1I:1:4 has failed completely and then the drive in bay 1I:1:2 is showing as Predictive Failure. This has failed the entire array even though the drive in bay 2 is presumably still just about working.

I'm hoping that there is some way to either tell the drive to stop reporting predictive failure or to tell the array to carry on regardless. We do have replacement drives on order for this but they haven't arrived yet.

The system is running linux and I have booted from a rescue CD and have the hpacucli utility running. I found that you can run

hpacucli ctrl slot=0 ld 1 modify reenable

and this looks hopeful as it appears to say that it does what I want - reconstruct the array so we can limp through and preserve our data. However, it just says

Error: This operation is not supported with the current configuration...

Not exactly the result I was hoping for!