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Re: P800 Smart array with 2 "predicted to fail " drives

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P800 Smart array with 2 "predicted to fail " drives


We have a P800 Smart Raid Array with a 5.5 tb drive made up of 4 x 2tb hot swap drives in a RAID 5 configuration.

Two of these drives have raised alerts "predicted to fail" and therefore the logical drive has automatically been disabled.

I think I am correct in not replacing both drives at same time as RAID 5 cannot cope with 2 failed drives.

Am I right in assuming that the data on these drives is still good and If I replace one of the drives and re-enable the logical drive through the HP array configuration utility, this will rebuild the array even though there is still 1 x "Predicted to fail" drive is still a part of the array.

Once the array is rebuilt I should then be able to replace the second "predicted to fail" drive, the array will then rebuild a second time and all should be good ?


Re: P800 Smart array with 2 "predicted to fail " drives

Need to backup the data before removing any failed HDD.                

I understand this controller is connected to a JBOD enclsoure.
Array with Raid 5 can withstand only with one hdd failure.
So current sceanario is that 2 HDDs predictive failure. Data is at risk
still you can try replace ONE hdd at time and check if rebild completes.
If not need to check with 3party data recovery team to get the data backup and rebuild the arry from the scratch.