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PL1600R new array controller

Bart van Reems
Occasional Visitor

PL1600R new array controller

I have a PL1600R (PIII-550)
with a standard Wide Ultra 3 controller and 2 mirrored drives (Win2K) and i want to replace the controller with a 431 array controller.
Can i just do that with the existing drives or do i have to start from scratch with empty drives ?
The current drive cage is a 6x1 inch drives type; do i have to replace that as well for WU3SCSI compliance ?
Thanks for info
Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: PL1600R new array controller

Hi Bart;

You will need to start from scratch to move from a standard scsi controller to an array controller.

What kind of hard drives and cage do you have now?

If you have the wide-ultra cage and drives (they are beige with two purple hot-plug tabs and round LEDs) you will have to change the drive cage out to accommodate Wide-ultra3 hard drives.

If you have a drive cage that supports the thin black drives with one hot-plug lever, then you're set to go with WU3 drives already.


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Bart van Reems
Occasional Visitor

Re: PL1600R new array controller

Hello Janine,

thanks for your info, i have WU3SCSI drives in a standard PL1600 6 position WU2/3 SCSI drive cage so i guess i should be fine just swapping the connectioncable from the existing controller to the array controller and start from scratch with smartstart.
Have a nice weekend !