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RA4100 array and Win2k

David Jewett
Occasional Contributor

RA4100 array and Win2k


I've got a RA4100 array that I need to get working with a DL380G3 server. The HBA is an Emulex LP8000 and I've installed the SCSI miniport drivers from Emulex. The drives are visible in My Computer, but I can't find any utility that will allow me to reconfigure the array. I've tried multiple versions of the Compaq ACU downloaded from the website, and I've tried version 6.30 of the SmartStart CD.

For either one, the array controller is detected as a Compaq RA4000/RA4100 HBA, but the util complains that either the driver is incorrect or the hardware has failed. What utils do I need to be able to configure the drives on this array?



Re: RA4100 array and Win2k


I am sorry, but you will not be able to configure the RA4X00 controller attached to an Emulex LP8000 card. The ACU utility is looking for the cpqfcalm (fibre) driver and is not finding it and so will not communicate with the 4X00 controller.

The RA4X00 must be attached to a Compaq Fibre HBA (these are Tachyon based controllers).
Gert Luyten
Respected Contributor

Re: RA4100 array and Win2k

Mark is correct, you cannot use the LP8000 to connect to the RA4x00, see
ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/products/storageworks/RA4100/MatrixRevs0827JL.pdf and look for Server Interface.
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