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Raid array lost one service processor

James F. Kent
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Raid array lost one service processor

When I get my SP replaced how do I get back the original configuration. It doesn't show up in ioscan -fnkC disk any longer. What is the order I should do?
vgcfgrestore vgscan -a or what?
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Gerrit Beyken
Respected Contributor

Re: Raid array lost one service processor


do a full and refreshing scan instead of reading from Kernel by "ioscan -fnC disk" (without the "k" option).
Now your disks (which i think are the alternate paths) must show up.
Now you can do a "vgdisplay -v " and see if your config is ok.

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Gerrit Beyken

Re: Raid array lost one service processor

I assume you are replacing the SP due to a failure? If so, provided nothing has changed on the array, simply do ioscan to force the system to reread the io paths.
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David Bell_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Raid array lost one service processor


If this is an FC array, it may be necessary to run fcmsutil replace_dsk routine to tell the array you know the SP was replaced. You will need the N-Port ID for this. You can obtain this with a tdlist command. The typical symptom of this is a NO_HW under ioscan. Follow the suggestions mentioned first ioscan -fnCdisk (without 'k'). If that shows NO_HW, do a man on fcmsutil.