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Remove drive from array question.

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Remove drive from array question.

Good day,

we have a server with an array consisting 2 72GB disks in Raid 1+0 mode with a logical drive of 70GBs.

Wrongfully 2 extra 72 disks have been added and expand array has completed. Now it shows a logical drive of 70GB's and unused space of 140GB's.

Is it possible to take out the 2 wrongfully inserted drives from the array (the logical drive haven't been expanded) without harming the orignal raid1+0 configuration of 2 disks?

Thank you.
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Re: Remove drive from array question.

Adding or removing disks from an array group is a function/capability of the array firmware and the array management software. You did not mention any of that.

Having said that, a few array systems I work with, do have the "adding drives" feature but do not have the counterpart "removing drives" feature.

So check in your array docs for features and capabilities to see if something like that is possible.
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Re: Remove drive from array question.


a screenshot for the array configuration utility would be wonderful to have an idea if that can be done

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!