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Remove failed disk from array

Jeff J

Remove failed disk from array

I have an array 642 with 2 disks in a mirror.
One of the disks failed. I installed a new disk in a new slot, and marked it as spare.
At that point, the spare became active, it rebuilt the array and is now working normally.
But the ACU still has the failed drive listed.

I need to remove the failed disk and mark the spare as a permanent member of the mirror.

When I tried to use the ACU CLI, it simply wouldn't let me remove the failed disk.

Right now, if the server reboots, it stops at the BIOS screen prompting to hit F8 or something similar. It doesn't boot without user intervention.
Terry Yeomans
Frequent Advisor

Re: Remove failed disk from array

Hi Jeff,
The best way to do this is usually DELETE FAILEDSET disk then DELETE disk, then you can take the disk out.
Hope this helps,
Regards Terry.
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Remove failed disk from array

a SmartArray controller does not understand HSG CLI syntax.

are there multiple logical disks on one disk drive array? You can only delete the 'last' one and not create 'holes'.

Re: Remove failed disk from array

Remove the bad disk
put the spare disk in the posistion of the failed disk.
The Smart Array will rebuild automatic.

Delete the hotspare, or install an ekstra disk, as hot spare, if you want.

Yes the Smart Array controller will prompt you during POST, if you got a failed or missing disk.
Press F1 to disable RAID
Press F2 to continue in interim recovery mode.
Default is F2, and it will default after 30 sec. if you do nothing.

Another solution is to split the mirror, and then merge it with the spare. But that is more complex.
Can't find the document right now.


Re: Remove failed disk from array