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Removing disks from FC10 array

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Robert LaLonde
Occasional Visitor

Removing disks from FC10 array

I have a SCSI disk in my HP9000 N-Class' FC10 array that I want to remove. It is not part of any volume group or otherwise allocated. I only put it in to verify the firmware rev. Naturally, the system created block and raw device files for it (/dev/dsk/cXtXdX, etc.). Physically pulling it out is no big deal but do I need to clean up things like delete the special/device files (or any other configurations)? If so which? My guess is it won't hurt to have the old device files floating around. Thanks!
Insu Kim
Honored Contributor

Re: Removing disks from FC10 array

You can simply pull it out without doing anything else. -No problem.
But if you'd like to do something like device file cleanup,
do rmsf first and then remove it from FC10.
"rmsf" will remove special file and information about the associated device from the system.
# rmsf -H or
Refer to man page.

Hope this helps,
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Oliver Haensel
Respected Contributor

Re: Removing disks from FC10 array

Hello Robert,

if you really have a FC10 then you've got native FC disks (for your OS they behave as SCSI disks). If you have a A5158A Fiber Channel Adapter and you plan to use different disks in the same slots again you will encounter that ioscan will show these disks as NO_HW. Be aware to either reboot the server or to apply a command to make the new disks accessable:
first determine HBA device file name:
> ioscan -fnkCfc

second determine FC devices to which the host already communicated:
> fcmsutil /dev/tdX devstat all|grep Nport
You'll get a list with several loop IDs

finally disable authentification on all affected loop IDs:
fcmsutil /dev/tdX replace_dsk -l [LoopID]

Good luck!

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