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Replace disk in array 12H

Robb Bailey
Occasional Advisor

Replace disk in array 12H

I have the following message spooling to the console of my K200. This machine is no longer under HP hardware maintenance.

Data redundancy has been lost in disk array on /dev/dsk/C4t0d0. Disk in slot B4 has failed.

Active hot spare warning on /dev/rdsk/C4t0d0. Unallocated space is too small for active hot spare.

The rebuild is currently at 62%. The array has 7 18.2 GB disks.

Once I get the new disk from my vendor, how should I proceed to replace it? Is it really hot-swapable? Is it actually hands-off? I am new to this particular crisis, so I appreciate your responses very much.

Thank you,
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: Replace disk in array 12H

If disk is failed by 12h (its led is yellow) then simply wait until rebuild will complete and remove bad disk and insert new one. Then balancing should start.
Disks are hot replaceable. You should be sure that disk is excluded from 12h disk set (failed) before removing it