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SC10 array controller board

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Occasional Contributor

SC10 array controller board

Just a quick question regarding older SC10 array.

Is the SC10 controller hotswappable?

thanks for any suggentions..


Honored Contributor

Re: SC10 array controller board

As in most cases here, the answer is "it depends".  The controller module is hot-pluggable, but it is the configuration of the storage system and how it attaches to the host is what determines if it is hot-swappable (replace with no interaction).

If there are two controller modules and the SC10 is in "full bus mode" and has redundant pathways to the host and the volumes on the host show path redundancy, then yet you can replace the controller wtihout fear of loss of I/O.  If you are not sure on any of those, then its best to stop I/O going to the storage unit and then perform the replacement.


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