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Smart Array 532 question

Daniel Velez
Occasional Contributor

Smart Array 532 question

We have a ML 370G1 with the integrated HD SCSI controller and one hard drive. We want to install the SA532 and add a second hard disk and configure it on RAID 1 (Mirroring). Is there any way to do this without losing data on the existing hard disk? What will be the procedure? Thanks in advance...
Jorge Pons
Trusted Contributor

Re: Smart Array 532 question


There is fully compatibility in all the Compaq SCSI Controllers. If you plug 532, with the original disk, you can access all data, and it must work ok, then add new disk with ACU.
Always full BACKUP.
Derek Parmenter
Frequent Advisor

Re: Smart Array 532 question


There is compatibility between SMART Array controllers, there is also compatibility between SCSI controllers. However in my experience you cannot take a drive from a SCSI controller and move it to an Array controller.

Therefore, if you have an Integrated Smart Array (ROC) fitted to the ML370G1, you will be okay, you can tell because the system will do initialise the controller at POST. The data will be intact and the upgrade simple.

If you do not have the array controller (ROC) installed, I do not believe you will be able to do the upgrade without rebuild. In the past fitting a ROC (which is a similar process) required a rebuild of disk.