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Smart Array 6400 Controller Firmware Flash

Darren France
Occasional Visitor

Smart Array 6400 Controller Firmware Flash

Has anyone had any problems (or any problems occuring as a result) with updating their firmware on a Smart Array 6400 controller?

I have been advised to update the Firmware of our controller, I have also been told that this will not take the array down and the changes will take effect only after a reboot.

Whilst I have no distrust of what I was told, I do have a natural distrust of all things computer based :)

So if anyone has had a problem with flashing their firmware please let me know.
Greg Carlson
Honored Contributor

Re: Smart Array 6400 Controller Firmware Flash


Obviously there is always a chance that once you flash firmware, you can lose your card or data. That being said, I've walked through multiple online 6400 fw flashes with no problems at all, The only downtime was updating driver for 6400 and rebooting, then updating fw and rebooting.

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