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Smart Array 641 Controller

Montserrat Deza
Occasional Visitor

Smart Array 641 Controller

I just bought a Proliant ML Server with three hard drives (146.5 GB) and it has included the Smart array 641 Controller, I would like to understand more how it works?...I read the information that is included but it wasn't enough for me, I need to understand better why I just see 2 partitions 1 with 12GB and another one with 220 GB....I am new in this and I would like to understand better how this raid works?...Thanks in advance!
Greg Carlson
Honored Contributor

Re: Smart Array 641 Controller


If you are running raid 5, which it sounds like it with 3 hdds. You should be showing total space of about 290gb, which puts you about 60gb short. What does disk administrator show for your total presented space? Raid 5 is x-1 for available space, so with 3 hdds installed, you have the capacity of 2.

What does your ACU show for your configuration?

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