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Smart Array Forced Rebuild?

Steve Giron
Occasional Contributor

Smart Array Forced Rebuild?

Is it possible to force a rebuild of a mirror set for the following condition?

Original mirror set on Proliant 6400.
The 6400 uses SCSI bus 1 targets 0,1

I need this disk to rebuild in a DL380G4.

The problem is on post. The 6i Array Controller see's the disk on Bus 2 target 0.
It wants to rebuild to Bus 1, target 1.
I realize the MetaData on the drive has the array config on it and reports 1,1 as it's missing mirror member.

Is there a way with the HPACU CLI to force a rebuild onto Target 2,1?

A work around I created is to put the drive from the 6400 that was using a SA3200 controller into a DL580 with the imbeddded array controller. If I put the drive with data in 1,0 and a blank drive in 1,1, the 580 would allow a rebuild. Next is to put both drives in the 380 G4 and boot with no problems.

Seems like the 6i firmware will report that it has changed the SCSI ID for a drive that was on 1,0 to 2,0 but it's too dumb to also allow it to mirror to 2,1.

Work around #2 is to use cable the backplane of the 380 to SCSI port 1 on the system board instead of the factory default of 2.

I would still like a CLI solution.