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SmartArray, Linux, security and supervision

Jerome Fenal_1
Valued Contributor

SmartArray, Linux, security and supervision


we have here 10 to 12 (didn't count recently) DL360G2 with integrated smart arrays to power the RAID1 for the two internal disks.

There is here a pressure on security, so we update regularly the package of stock RedHat 7.2 distro. Including the kernel.
The machine are on a distant site, with access control, and nobody in to check disk LEDs.

So my question : how can I supervise the smart controller of my servers to check any problem (failed disk) the same way it is possible with Windows ACU.

As the kernel update often, I can only afford open source tools, but not closed source as the one offered on Compaq support site (which won't work as expected, BTW).

Regards, and thanks for help.
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