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Storage Works Command View v1.07

tom nellis
Occasional Contributor

Storage Works Command View v1.07

Hello Everyone,

I have a server that's been on the shelf for a few years. Command View is installed and I would like to move it to a production server.

That's the problem, No one knows where the install disks or licensing info is. We believe it was regestered. Going to use this software on a VA 7100.

This software may be outdated, but no one here has any idea.

Any help would be appreciated.





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Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Storage Works Command View v1.07

Hi Tom,

go to the software & driver downloads section on www.hp.com and look for "HP StorageWorks Command View SDM Software". Version 1.09.01 is the latest. You need no licence for this software - it's free now.

Hope this helps!

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Joshua Scott
Honored Contributor

Re: Storage Works Command View v1.07

You can download commandview here:


you can find this by going:


click Software & Driver Downloads

select Download drivers and software (and firmware)

type VA7100 in the box, and click the arrow to continue.

click HP StorageWorks VA7100 (1024MB mc per contr crd)

click HP-UX 11.x

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Arend Lensen
Trusted Contributor

Re: Storage Works Command View v1.07

Just fyi.
1.09.02 is just released but there's not much changed.
tom nellis
Occasional Contributor

Re: Storage Works Command View v1.07

Thanks everyone,
I have it running now.
Going to move it to another Server.