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True Copy and Shadow Image

Indrajit Bhagat
Regular Advisor

True Copy and Shadow Image


Wasn't where else to start so i thought you guys could help.

I will soon be working on a new enviroment where my customer runs HPUX and something called "True Copy" instead of LVM mirroring. I believe Hitachi makes this product. Has anyone had hands on experienced with this? can anyone point me to documentation? i tried googling, didnt find many leads.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: True Copy and Shadow Image


Never heard the term true copy.

See the dd command for whole disk copy.

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melvyn burnard
Honored Contributor

Re: True Copy and Shadow Image

well I googled and founds LOADS of documents
I suggest you visit Hitachi's web site:
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Nigel Poulton
Respected Contributor

Re: True Copy and Shadow Image

Hitachi is the company that engineers and manufactures the XP storage arrays. HP resell them as the XP12000 and XP24000 etc....

TrueCopy is a distance replication technology. HP re-brands this as Continuous Access on the XP.

ShadowImage is disk based copy product (disk-to-disk copies) that HP rebrands as Business Copy on the XP.

ShadowImage makes block level disk copies within an XP storage array. TrueCopy makes DR copies (synchronous or asynchronous) on remote XP arrays.

IBaltay will probably be able to give you the links to the HP XP docs for Continuous Access and Business Copy. However, they are often just the Hitachi documents with HP badges on them and as a result the English in them is horrific and they are very hard to understand.

You can also get them on the HDS website www.hds.com and search under the product names.

Hope this helps.

If you have more specific questions feel free to ask.

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Sivakumar MJ._1
Respected Contributor
Sivakumar MJ._1
Respected Contributor

Re: True Copy and Shadow Image

Little more information in ITRC

For HP Online Case Logging-->http://support.openview.hp.com/