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VA armdsp -b

Daniel Kalwitzki
Occasional Visitor

VA armdsp -b

Hi everyone !

We had a service call on aou VA7100 today. The guy from HP tried to update the harddisk firmware after exchanging the broken controller. Now the VA is performing a rebuild. To update the firmware the technican had to enable something like a breakthrue or so on the VA by using the "armdsp -b FwrDownload" or so.

Do we have to reset any setting before restarting the VA ?

The Technican is not reachable by now and we are in Germany and have just 12x5 support. (It's 1800 in germany now).

Thanks, Daniel
Marco Hogeveen
Honored Contributor

Re: VA armdsp -b


They probably used the command armmgr -b FWdownload . This command was used to release a lock to make the Firmware upgrade possible. You do not have to do a thing to reset this setting.

Cheers, marco.