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VSS Hardware provider for EVA integration

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VSS Hardware provider for EVA integration



My Questions are bit basic and I don't have experience with VSS I am basically a disk storage and SAN guy and not really involved in the backup or Microsoft buti have been asked to review the VSS provider in order to implement, so we have an EVA 4800 and planning to implement HP Eva VSS hardware provider and integrate it with DPM 2010 for a hyper-v environment that we have... I already have my disk groups configured and data available and also BC licensed, I went through the manual but basically the manual says just install and connect and let the DPM guys do there job; my  questions are :


1- what are the steps i need to do from the storage side , so do i need to configure any snapshots and present them to the host for this to work ??

2- do I need the VDS component for this to work?

3- during the configuration im required to specify a snap type: mirror-clone, fully allocated, demand allocated ... etc , which type would be better for me?


as you can see im out of my area here ...any help on the issue from some one who has the experience is highly appreciated..



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Re: VSS Hardware provider for EVA integration


From the EVA side you have nothing to do only see that VDS and VSS are compatible with Command View version

also after installing on the client you have to configure them

meaning to input  the command view username password

and snapshot type which is usually demand allocated snap shot ( for efficiency)

unless customer demands something else.

the VSS if configured correctly creates the snapshot and presents it to the host (the host must be configured in Command View)



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Re: VSS Hardware provider for EVA integration

Sorry to re-open the thread with a couple of quick question
1) is the BC license needed? (I've just the CV General)
2) @giladzzz what do you meant with "[...] present the snapshot to the host"?
I mean, if DPM makes a snapshot on-demand it desappears as soon as the backup finish I feel...
thank in advance to you all