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Wrong firmware on disk when installing NetRaid 1M

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Henrik Algestam
Occasional Contributor

Wrong firmware on disk when installing NetRaid 1M

I'm trying to install a RAID system with two 9.1 GB HP scsi disks.
The firmware on the disks are BX02 but it needs to be atleast BX03 according to the paper that was attached to the NetRaid 1M.

Is it possible to upgrade the disks by downloading a new firmware or do I have to send the disks to HP?
Mark Medici

Re: Wrong firmware on disk when installing NetRaid 1M

Yes, you can definately upgrade the drive firmware yourself. HP has a very cool tool to help you identify and automatically update drive firmware.



and download the Hard Disk Drive Firmware Tool (at the bottom of the page in the UTILITY section), then the catalog file for AMI/Adaptec (top of the page in the CATALOG FILE section), and finally, all the applicable firmware images (for example, the BX03 you mentioned, plus any others that might be useful for this or other systems).

I download all the files, extract them, and write them out to a CDR for easy access.