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add a disk disk array 12H

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add a disk disk array 12H

I have two disk array 12 H I want to take one disk witch belongs to a volume group to plug it in to onother server with another disk array
when I take the disk I have message in disk array 12 H system warning.
I put the disk in the new system and I get the same message in the control pannel but I need to configure the new disk to find space.
all the disk are same
Thank you for your help
Robert-Jan Goossens
Honored Contributor

Re: add a disk disk array 12H

Hi Kuzo,

If you are shore there is no data on the disk.

System 1

# vgreduce /dev/vg00 /dev/dsk/cxtydz

System 2

# ioscan -fnCdisk
add the disk in the array
# ioscan -fnCdisk
find the new disk
# pvcreate /dev/rdsk/cxtydz
# vgextend /dev/vgxx /dev/dsk/cxtydz

now you can resize your logical volume.

Is this what you had in mind ?

Tonya Underwood
Regular Advisor

Re: add a disk disk array 12H

Actually, what you are seeing is WARNING on front Panel... You have pulled a disk and the AutoRAID must rebuild. Whether it goes into Auto-Rebuild depends on the settings.

As far as taking a disk out of one 12H and putting it in the other and hoping to read the data... it will not work. What you have is 12 disks that are not physically seen by your server. It is only when you set up LUNs that your server sees this space. The LUN is not one or two or even three of the disks... the data is spread on many disks... you can have every LUN on every disk... BUT, it is not up to you how this is done. Only your controllers know where that data is. Therefore, taking a disk out an putting it in another 12H would not work. The NEW controllers would have no idea where that data goes, and in all actuality... you would not have the data that you thought you had.

My suggestion is to tar up or dd whatever data you want and then move it that way.

I hope the above helps... let me know if you have anymore questions.

Tonya Underwood
Tonya Underwood
Regular Advisor

Re: add a disk disk array 12H

And... if it is not data that you are attempting to move... and you truly just want the disk space, your AutoRAID is going to complain because the disk is "Previously Used". This is a safeguard. Here is how you get around it:

arraycfg -D -a


arraycfg -D B4 -a 00786b5c0000

Tonya Underwood