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adding disk on raid 1

Alvin Ramos
Occasional Contributor

adding disk on raid 1

Hi guys,

This is just a newbie question.

How to add 2 more disk on an existing raid 1 on a NetServer running Integrated NetRaid?

My existing Raid 1 have 2 9 Gb & the additional disk is 2 9 Gb also.

Appreciate for the replies.

Honored Contributor

Re: adding disk on raid 1


OK I couldn't find the other Post but here it is straight from the HP NetRAID Users Guide (You should download a copy from our site)

When using the Capacity Expansion feature, it is very important to not create volumes which exceed
the actual physical capacity.
When using capacity expansion, you should use a single logical drive since capacity expansion is
controlled on a per logical drive basis.
Do not Expand an OS installed Logical partition.
If not already, enter Express Tools. Select the logical drive to be setup for capacity expansion by
selecting Objects/Logical Drives/Properties/Virtual Sizing and enabling Virtual Sizing. Virtual Sizing is enabled on a per logical drive basis.

Add the new physical drive to the adapter by plugging it into an empty hot swap storage slot. Bring up NetRAID Assistant under NT. Select the logical drive and the new physical drive. Then select Logical Drive/Change Config/Add Capacity. This will reconstruct the current 2 drive RAID array to a 4 drive RAID array.
Hot Swap Hard Drives