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adding drives for EVA disk groups

Tim Chapman_1
Occasional Contributor

adding drives for EVA disk groups

If new drives are to be added to two seperate disk groups in an EVA should the disks be added to one group and levelling allowed to complete before adding disks to the second disk group?

Does the fact that servers will be online and end users have access to the data (array is in 24x7 environment) make a difference on above?

Thanks in advance
Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: adding drives for EVA disk groups

It does not make a difference if you are adding disks to one, two ormore DGs.

You can add disks at any time.
Since leveling is a low priority background process it does not hurt much.

However I recommend doing all reconfiguration operations at times of lower utilization.

Note that you should add one disk after the other.
Wait after the insertion until the activity light goes from flashing to steady then insert the next drive and so on.

Next you can go to the first DG and add multiple drives, then the next DG.

I love storage
Mustafa Gulercan
Respected Contributor

Re: adding drives for EVA disk groups

hi Tim;
there is no necessary, to wait for completing levelling.you can add disk one after another.After disk adding,levelling will starts again.
while levelling, disk I/O does not stop.users can access to the data.There is no difference.

Tim Chapman_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: adding drives for EVA disk groups

adding drives to a second disk group while first is still levelling is ok with normal caveat of ideally doing so during a period of low activity on the EVA