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create LUN from specify disks

Nguyen Anh Tien
Honored Contributor

create LUN from specify disks

Pls show me how to create LUN from specify disks??
HP is simple
Occasional Advisor

Re: create LUN from specify disks


Which storage you are using? I know something regarding HP Virtual Arrays!!..

VA7100 and VA7110 supports only one redundancy group and all the hard disks installed in the array are part of the same RG. hence you will not be able to specify which hard disk should be part of which LUN.

some VAs like VA7410 has the feature of two RGs and hopefully you will be able to create luns in that RG. Use your command View SDM software's launcher utility to create the LUNS.

with regards
Bharat Katkar
Honored Contributor

Re: create LUN from specify disks

Install SDM Storage device manager on your server and then go to SAM, devices and filesystems, select from devices list the entry for your Array. Then go to action tab, select launch SDM.
SDM will give you graphical view of your array and show you all the disks separately. You can then select any disk (may be 1 or 2 or more) and create LUN.
This works.

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