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disk array 2300

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disk array 2300

We would like to use this system as separate drive for four servers in a racked environment. The servers would boot from their internal drive and then we would like to use the disk array as the servers d: drive to store databases on. First, is this possible? And second, how we would do it?
Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: disk array 2300

The DS2300 is a SCSI disk chassis... so it cannot be shared by more than 2 hosts.

You can use the DS2405, which is a Fibre Channel disk chassis, coupled with a FC hub, to serve in the manner you wish.

A better solution, if you can afford it, is a VA7100 or VA7400. The built-in RAID data protection and caching make it safer and faster than a JBOD solution like the DS2405 or DS2300.

Good luck!
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