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logprint display that ~~

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Lee Tae-kyung
Regular Advisor

logprint display that ~~

Hi folks~~
Thank you for your kindness in advance.
Last night Our 12H storage was hung.
so I command logprint.
The contents is that
Disk error record for Subsystem 000000137318 at Tue Oct 7 01:06:33 2003
Controller timestamp = 2436462
Event code = 22
Event code description = Recovered By Disk Drive
Event count = 1
FRU number = 7
FRU description = Disk in slot B4

Slot number = B4
Sense key = 0x1
Additional Sense code = 0x17
Additional Sense code qualifier = 0x1
LBA = 17283364

What is wrong?
The above error messages have displayed more than 100 times until now.

I think I am a specialist in IT Korea^^. I am a programmer and SE and DBA
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: logprint display that ~~

Disk reported is in slot B4. If you do not see anything else in the 12h event log then the possible cause of lockups is this disk - try replacing it - or just removing it from the 12h - but be aware - if there's enough space to rebuild then array will rebuild data and there will be NO redundancy loss, although if there's no space then if another disk will fail your data will be lost