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moving array and enclosure to a different server

nathan peters
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moving array and enclosure to a different server

I lost the mother board on my gl380 and have since ordered a new mother board. i can also get ahold of the same gl380, however can i simply move the 4 drives from the down server and plug in my array enclosure to the same working gl380? Are there any special steps to doing this?

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Re: moving array and enclosure to a different server

The array group and LUN configuration is kept on the disks so theoretically you can move the disks to another identical or of the same family array controller and be able to see the previous LUNs and access them from the server. You did not specify what array controller and enclosure you have. Others have done it very recently in this forum.


Search for "migrate drives to other disk array" in this forum
nathan peters
Occasional Visitor

Re: moving array and enclosure to a different server

ok, so new System board allowed us to post. however the system will not boot to the OS properly. We have 2 logical drives setup.

logical drive 1 is data Raid 5 360GB 6disk Array A (14 bay enclosure)

Logical drive 2 is OS raid 5 100GB 4disk Array B

We are only able to boot to the logical drive 2 (array b)(server 2003 OS) after disconnecting the 14 bay enclosure.

For some reason the data drives are being seen as array A. We cannot boot to this.

We have updated the firmware on the array card, tried a new card, deleted the settings from teh array card with enclosure disconnected. Since the array settings are on all the drives we cannot clear it.

How do we force the it to boot to the OS? How do we swap the array A and B?

Keep in mind we NEED the data intact on both arrays.