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p410 throughput performance low?

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George M Porter
New Member

p410 throughput performance low?

Hi everyone,

I've got an HP DL380G6 with two p410 drive controllers in it, each of which has attached eight 500GB HP 7200 RPM Sata drives (for a total of 16 drives per machine).

On a given controller, if I setup eight drives to become a single RAID 5 array (with the default stripe size), the maximum amount of throughput I've been able to see out of that logical volume is only about 350MBps. Individually, each drive can do about 90-100MBps.

If I setup eight raid 0 logical disks, each with its own physical drive, I can do 800MBps total throughput. But as a RAID 5 array, only 350. Anyone else seen this type of behavior? I know I'll pay a penalty for doing parity, but more than 50% reduction in throughput?

Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: p410 throughput performance low?

Yes, many have seen this behaviour before,
you can find many posts regarding Raid-5 performance.

For every IO from the host, the controller must do multiple IO's to the raid-members including parity.

Installing a big write cache and enabling this in the ACU will help, but performance will remain significantly lower then raid-0 or raid-1.