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p410i support SSD

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p410i support SSD

HI everyone, did somebody test SSD intel pro 2500 or Samsung pro 850 on p410i, i want to know which speed i can get on RAID 10 or 50? Or what advice can you give for this controller in low price range, except intel dc s3500?


Re: p410i support SSD

I do not have either of those SSDs but the P*1*(i) supports SATA 2 (3.0GTS) only.  In my experience (Z7 and 830 pro) Samsung SSDs have a issue down speeding where they will “hicup”, lock, pause, then unlock and work a little while when being used on SATA 2.  You will also be wasting about half of their bandwidth.  I have also seen this “hiccup” with SATA 3 Intel SSDSs like the 520.   


I use the Toshiba thin state drives with the custom “L” firmware (apparently created for Lenovo Thinkpads) that locks the controller to SATA 2.  6 128s in R0 give me about 1.3GiB/s.  


Remember SSD do not like RAID (Like R5 and 10) especial on controllers that do not correctly support trim / garbage clean up.  Also RAID controllers that are not fully SSD aware suffer greatly from write amplification.   


If this is a production environment look at a P420 or P440 upgrade.  The P420+ supports SATA 3 (6.0GTS), is SSD aware, and supports trim correctly, it also allows you with the SAAP license to use smart cache RAID.