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pluging new disks

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pluging new disks

My autoraid hp surestore 12 H is setting automatically to autorebuld.
I have three disks to plug. After pluging the first one it start the load balancing
Can I plug the other disk or may I wait after the end of the balancing.
After the balancing witch command may I perfom before extending the file system?
Thank you for your help
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: pluging new disks

Hi Kuzo,

i think it will balance with one disk at a time so you can add them but it will be threated sequentially.

On the file system level question, what OS do you use here ? their is a Aministration manual available for UX and Windows :


(see adding a disk)

Remember that with the Autoraid 12H you can add disks and the new space will be added to a pool of unused space but you cannot extend a LUN in size, this feature is not available. The currently configured LUNs will spread their data over all disks (including the 3 new disks you just added, this is the balancing).

If you need a bigger LUN for your host you will need to backup or copy the original LUN data somewhere and delete the current LUN and create a new bigger LUN.