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re : HP model 30 disk array


re : HP model 30 disk array

Hi Guys,

     Can anyone help, I have a HP model 30 disk array connected to a D-class 380 server via fibre channel. Some how the volume group on the stroage can be mounted. It say IO error. I have check on ioscan and found that the alternate link path is missing . I also do further check with serial link direct to the fc on the array i can see that the disk is rdy by the subsystem fault light is on. when I click enter the information is 18gb disk status unbound and not in group. Is raid 5 . Can anyone advice?? is there anyway I can bring up the lun on vg01, is there any diagnostic test I can do for the array??









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Re: re : HP model 30 disk array

AFAIR you can check with grid manager (serial connection) or directly from SAM.

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Re: re : HP model 30 disk array

In addition to attaching directly, you may be able to get a more detailed status of the array by using the STM utility.


Try this:


 # cstm

cstm> map

Look for the disk array controllers and note the device ID (number in the far left).

cstm> sel dev <#> <#>    (Enter the number for each controller with a space between them)

cstm> info

wait about 10 seconds



The info displayed should contain information about the controller, LUNs,  and disk mapping, etc.  Hopefully it gives you more info that you can use to correct your problem.



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