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save brocade 2800 config

Andre' McL:ean
Occasional Advisor

save brocade 2800 config

How do I save the configuration of a Brocade 2800?????
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: save brocade 2800 config

There're two commands: configUpload (save config to the file) and configDownload (write config file to the switch). I think you can get manuals you need from http://www.brocade.com or get help issuing 'help' command from switch's prompt
Mike Naime
Honored Contributor

Re: save brocade 2800 config

you can save off the data IF
1.) you have your switch connected to your network.
2.) You have an FTP server, or RSH upload server (Your two transport methods)
3.) you can telnet to the switch.

CONFIGUPLOAD is the command. You would Telnet to the switch, Login, and issue the command.

It will prompt you for the rest of the information.
IP address of host.
Transport Method (FTP or RSH)

You then get some confirmation that the upload was successful.

Note: I was having a hard time finding an FTP server in our data center until I realized that ALL of my VMS servers where FTP servers.

If you are a UNIX shop, then RSH may be the route for you.
VMS SAN mechanic