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smart array 642 + DL380 + MSA30

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smart array 642 + DL380 + MSA30

I have a DL380 with a SA642 (2 channel = 1 internal for the internal disk an 1 external for the MSA30). I like to make a RAID 0+1 of 8 disks (4 internal disks an 4 from the MSA30).
They should stripe on te 4 internal disks and so mirrored on the MAS30. So that I have a mirrored over the 2 channels. Is this possible, is there a option. Where can I find this in the documentation??

Wolfram Eckert
Occasional Advisor

Re: smart array 642 + DL380 + MSA30


If You are creating a new Array and You split your disks over 2 channels ( as it is in your config.) the Smart-Array Controller will allways mirror across the channels.
There is no option in ACU.

Hope that helps